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One minute I was sitting alone in the locker room, the next I was surrounded by five guys. I had no idea what was happening, but I was defiantly scared.

"What's your name?" One of them asked.

"Eric." I responded, my voice shaking a little.

"Well Eric, here's the deal, my name is Mike, and my buddies and I couldn't help but watch you while you were taking a shower and you got such a pretty little body we just wanted to come over and say hi."

"I'm not gay." I blurted out.

"Well, neither are we, but anyone can see what a fine piece of ass you are, and we would be fools to not take advantage of it." Mike responded. I was still wet from the shower and just had a towel around my waist. They could clearly see me start to shake with fear and anticipation of what was to come. "Now don't be scared, we won't hurt you, but in turn you will have to surrender yourself to us."

"What? No, listen I don't know who you think I am, but you're making a mistake, I'm not gay."

"Oh come on now, every guy has thought about it, trust me its fun." He said in a flirtatious manner. I of course had thought about it; what would it be like to suck another mans cock, but I would never act on it. Thoughts raced around my head, but I was interrupted. "So, are you going to play along or does this have to get dirty?"

Unfortunately the decision was pretty much made for me, there was no way I could fight them off, I was only about 5'5", 110lbs, and despite my best efforts always had a more feminine figure than I wished, which was only enhanced by my almost hairless body. These guys on the other hand were all over six feet tall and very muscular, at least 180 to 200lbs, and just one of them could easily over power me. I had no choice.

"Just go easy. . ." I said trailing off.

They all just smiled and started to strip. Their muscular bodies still glistened with sweat from what ever they were doing before this. The true gravity of the situation didn't hit until they dropped their boxers. My jaw dropped as I stared at five massive cocks, they were all at least 8 inches long and as thick as my wrist.

"Fist a kiss." Mike said. He placed his hand on the back of my head and brought his lips to mine. His head turned and our tongue's met, it lasted just a couple seconds and he pulled away with a trail of saliva following. "Yeah, you are going to be just fine." He said with a smile. I tried to smile back.

"Now." He said grabbing his cock. "Time for a taste."

He brought it close to my mouth, I opened up and he forced in. I gagged a little but it didn't detour him, and with a hand on the back of my head he held the cock deep in my throat. My eyes watered as I choked on the massive cock. I finally pushed away, gasping for air and wiping tears from my eyes.

"I thought you were going to go easy." I said between breaths

"This is going easy." He said and the others laughed. "Now you've got some other cocks to suck, better get to work."

I was still sitting on the bench that was located between the lockers; my face was right at waist height so the guys moved in. I wrapped my mouth around the first cock and did the best I could, trying to imitate what I had seen in pornos and on the internet. He seemed to enjoy it, coaching me along. "That's it, mmm yeah, suck that big cock." I continued until I felt another cock slapping the back of my head. I moved over and started sucking his, trying to keep them happy for fear of what would happen if I didn't.

"This bitch knows how to suck a cock." One said with his hand on my head guiding me up and down his shaft.

"I wanna get a taste of that ass." I herd Mike say. "Lay down on your stomach." He commanded. I did as he asked, and laid face down on the bench, I still had the towel around me but he made quick work of pulling it off, and revealed my fresh virgin ass to them. "God damn that is a sweet little ass." He exclaimed and then grabbed a hold of my cheeks and spread them apart. His tongue wasn't far behind and was soon licking up and down my ass before finally penetrating my asshole. The new sensation made me jump a little and let out a soft moan as he continued.

The rest of the guys were getting impatient and it wasn't long before one knelt down beside me and had his cock in my mouth while the rest slowly jerk off waiting their turn. Mike had just finished exploring, but I couldn't see what he was doing until I herd him spit. A large gob of saliva landed on my ass, and the cock in my mouth was pulled away, and for good reason. The second I felt his massive cock bearing down on my ass I clenched my teeth tight.

"Mmmmmmmhhhhh." I moaned as the first few inches penetrated my virgin ass. "Fuck, oh fuck your going to tear me in half." I yelled as he pushed deeper and deeper until his body was touching mine. I clenched my fists and tried to fight the pain, and to my amassment it started to subside. He drew his cock out and slowly pushed it back in, each time my ass relaxed even more until I was actually starting to enjoy it.

"Mmm yeah you like that big cock in your ass. I told you it would be fun." He said and I looked back at him with a slight smile on my face. Just as I did another cock was shoved into my face, this time I willingly took it and started sucking. As long as I was here I might as well try to enjoy it. "Yeah look at that little bitch, I told you he would come around." Mike said still plunging his cock into my ass.

Then, something I wasn't ready for. "Oh yeah I'm going to cum." The guy said with his cock in my mouth. He reached down and held me firmly onto his cock as it erupted filling my mouth. I tried not to swallow but had no choice, he didn't release until I had downed it all.

"There that wasn't so bad." He said "Taste kind of sweet doesn't it."


I was still a little surprised but managed to nod as he got up. Mike had finally pulled his cock out and I was soon forcibly rolled onto my back. I was now staring up at five guys ready to fill me with cum, but the strangest thing was that I wasn't nervous.

Two cocks where now next to my mouth. I opened as wide as I could and they both forced their way in. I did the best I could to please them both but was distracted as I felt one guy grab my legs and quickly plunge his cock into my ass. I jumped a little but tried to relax.

"Fucking slut you love this, fuck that cock." The guy behind yelled as the two cocks in my mouth started to explode, I swallowed as much as I could handle letting the rest dribble down my chin.

"Oh yeah fucking slut." One said as I clean the rest of the cum off his cock.

Just as I finished I felt the guy press his body against mine. "Fucking tight little ass." He yelled and then filled me with his hot seed. He pulled out, leaving cum dripping out my now loose asshole.

"Stand him up." Mike commanded and I was pulled to my feet. Mike laid down were I used to be with his cock standing erect. "All right, now ride it you little bitch."

I was released and threw my leg over him. I slowly impaled myself onto his awaiting cock; it tore into my asshole until I was sitting on top of him. I began bouncing up and down slowly at first but increasing speed each time, until I started to tire. He reached out and pulled me onto his chest; he had a firm grip around my entire body.

"Alright let's get another cock in this tight little ass." Mike said

"No you can't, there is no way it will fit, you can't." I begged, but it went unheard. Another guy quickly mounted behind me. His cock pushed against my asshole until it started to disappear inside me, stretching my ass past what I thought was possible. "Oh Fuck, stop, you're going to destroy my asshole, OH FUCK!" I yelled as he moved deeper into me. I didn't know how long I could last like this, two huge cocks dominating me, splitting me in half. They however didn't care, the second he buried himself inside me he started thrusting, sending my head spinning in all different directions, I could barely breathe and gasped for air. "Oh, Oh... Ugghh... mmm yeah... yeah..." I moaned as my body adjusted to their cocks and started to accept what was happening. "Yeah yeah yeah yeah... Oh my god yes yes yes!" I said raising my voice, as they fucked me even harder.

"Oh fuck yes." The guy yelled and shot another load into my ass. Mike kept going and a new guy got behind me and stuffed his cock in my ass.

They started taking turns, each fucking me for as long and hard as they could without cumming, and then switching places. By the end of the cycle my ass was completely destroyed, Mike motioned to the guys and they pulled me off. I was starting to get weak, I never knew getting fucked took so much out of you and I didn't know how much longer I could last, unfortunately I still had five hungry guy staring at me, wanting to fuck the shit out of me.

One of the guys moved in. "Up against the locker." He commanded. I complied and faced the locker, just as I did his cock was shoved up my ass with enough force to lift me off the ground for a second.

"Oh fuck yes." I said looking over my shoulder at him. "Fuck me hard."

The others watched still stroking their cocks when the door to the locker room opened. We all immediately turned to see who it was.

"Hello? Is someone here?" The person asked and then they walked closer and I immediately recognized him. It was my friend Josh, I forgot we were supposed to meet; he must have come looking for me.

"Holy Shit!" He exclaimed when he saw us. "Oh my god, Eric is that you? What's going on?"

"Josh it's ok, just go I will explain later." I said trying to get him to leave.

"Oh no he's not going anywhere." Mike said as himself and another guy grabbed Josh. "He might run off and tell someone and ruin our fun. No, no I think its best he stays here; in fact I think he should join in."

"No Mike, don't do it, don't fuck him." I pleaded.

"Hmm...well since you have been such a willing participant we won't fuck him, but he is going to fuck you."

"What?!" We both exclaimed

"It's either one or the other." Mike said.

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"Just do what they want." I said to Josh who was still trying to figure out what was going on, but he reluctantly nodded yes.

"All right, now it's a party, get him on the bench and you get out of those cloths." Mike commanded.

I watched as Josh started to strip, he was a taller guy about 6' and pretty lean, with an attractive body. He was quickly out of his cloths and his cock was dangling in front of him, and to my surprise it was also quite large. Two guys grabbed his arms and moved him over to where I was sitting.

"Now let's get that cock nice and hard." Mike said and pushed my head toward his crotch.

I grabbed his cock which was already semi hard and started stroking it; I looked up at him with a slight smile and took his cock into my mouth. I decided to make it feel as good as possible for him, taking it deep and holding it in my throat. It wasn't long before he was hard as a rock. Josh began to moan quietly but I kept sucking until Mike pulled me away.

"Hey now, we don't want him cumming just yet." He said with a wink. "Now lie down and put your legs up." I complied. "Now fuck his ass, and don't worry he's a good little whore, he can take it."

Josh gave me a worried look and I tried my best to reassure him. He got in position and held my legs back while pushing his cock into my ass. To his surprise it slid in without hesitation, and he buried his entire cock inside me.

"Told you he was a whore, now fuck him like one." Mike said.

Josh started slow at first but picked up speed quickly. "Mmm yeah." He said quietly, and started to enjoy himself. I couldn't believe I was getting fucked in the ass by my friend, and even more that we both loved it.

"Oh yeah... fuck me, fuck me," I said looking at him, but I couldn't look for long. The guys were getting restless and needed satisfaction. One guy moved in and jammed his dick in my mouth; I sucked it until I felt another slapping my cheek, I moved over and seamlessly started sucking his. I continued swapping guys, getting them just to the brink of orgasm and then moving on to the next.

"You know what." Mike said as he stood behind Josh. "I lied."

He pushed Josh on top of me and two guys held him down, Mike quickly got behind him and started forcing himself into Josh's tight virgin ass. Josh cried out in pain, but Mike wasn't going to stop.

"Just relax, try to relax, the pain will go away." I said trying to coach him, but Josh was in to much shock, he had to relax. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to his; he was reluctant but began to relax as our tongues explored each other mouths. We continued kissing until Mike was thrusting in and out of his ass with ease.

"Oh fuck, it feels...it feels...good." Josh said between breaths.

"Yeah, I know." I responded with a smile. Josh had now started matching Mikes rhythm and continued fucking me. The two guys holding Josh let go and their cocks were soon in our faces. I eagerly wrapped my mouth around one. Josh followed my lead and started sucking the other; he was a natural, just like me, who knew we had so much in common.

"Oh...Fuck..." One guy yelled and a load of hot cum filled my mouth. I swallowed it all.

The guy Josh was sucking soon rolled his head back, but before I could say anything he exploded in Josh's mouth. He was caught off guard and gagged as cum overflowed from his mouth and on to my chest.

"Oh god!" Josh exclaimed.

"Don't worry, it's good." I said trying to reassure him. He looked at me, I nodded, and he then leaned forward and licked it from my chest. After the first taste he eagerly licked up the rest.

"Well it looks like we have two whores on our hands." Mike said as he pulled out from Josh's ass. Josh also leaned back and removed his cock from me. "You two lay down." He told two of his guys and they laid down on the floor. "Now you two get on top." He instructed Josh and me. I knew what he was planning but Josh was clueless. I picked the guy with the biggest cock and straddled him, Josh did the same and the guys pulled us down.

I was first; another guy got behind me and shoved his cock deep into my ass. Josh's jaw dropped, he got a nervous look on his face. I tried to put on a brave face of my own, but when you have two giant cocks in your ass it's hard to do anything. Mike then positioned himself behind Josh. His cock slowly pushed in, Josh pleaded and begged for it to stop just like I had. "Oh...fuck...fuck...my ass, your destroying my ass." Josh moaned as Mike began to thrust in and out, but slowly he started to relax and the pain turned to pleasure, and there we were two friends getting double stuffed in a locker room.

"Oh fuck yeah, fuck yeah." He yelled.

"Fuck me, own my ass, Ahhhhhh fuck." I yelled back.

The last guy now moved in front of me. I took his cock and started sucking, he quickly exploded in my mouth. Now the guys fucking us were reaching climax. One by one they erupted, filling our ass with their remaining cum. As soon as they pulled out I moved over to Josh and filled my mouth with the cum leaking out of his ass. I swallowed it all.

"Only two more things to do." Mike said and turned Josh around to face me. Mike leaned over him and grabbed his cock and stroked it feverishly, Josh came within seconds, filling my mouth, I again swallowed it all. "Your turn." Mike said. I stood up and jerked off as Josh knelt in front of me. I quickly exploded into his mouth, it was an overwhelming amount and what he couldn't swallow ran down the sides of his cheeks. I licked it off the side of his face and then kissed him again, swapping cum between our mouths.

The guys had now gotten dressed and started leaving.

"You two have fun now, and no need to thank me, I will take these as a parting gift." He said grabbing our cloths, and disappeared forever. Josh and I just sat there naked, looking at each other and then around the room that was filled with cum spots and smelled of sex.

"So what now?" Josh asked.

"Want to come to my house? It's closer than yours and I might have some cloths for you."

"Sure. In fact maybe I will just stay the night." He said raising his eyebrows.

"Sounds great." I said and handed him a towel.

We left the locker room as closer friends than either of us would have ever known.

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